Kintore Way Children's Centre


Details about learning and teaching and the running of Kintore Way Nursery School and Children’s Centre are contained in our various policies on:

  • the curriculum,
  • inclusion and access,
  • operational

Anti-Bullying Policy

Assessment, Record Keeping and Planning Policy

Protecting Children in Education Settings

Federation Complaints Policy

E-Safety, Digital Media and Internet Access Policy

Equality data and statement May 2018 (002)

Food Policy

Learning and Teaching Policy

Missing Child Policy

Risk Assessment and Challenge Policy

Sex and Relationships Policy

Admissions Policy for the Federation Kintore Way

Federated Attendance Policy Kintore Way

Critical Incident Policy Oct 2013

Equality statement

Federation Supporting Children with Medical Conditions and Administering Medicines

Positive Behaviour Management Overview

School Offer for Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Transition Policy

Federation Whistleblowing Policy

Visiting Policy Governors

SEND policy

Governor Behaviour Principles

Data Protection Policy

Charging and Payment of Fees Policy

Federation Allegations Against Staff Policy Nov 2019

Federation CCTV Policy Nov 2019

Federation Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Nov 2019

Federation Data Breach Policy Nov 2019

Federation Electronic Info and Communication Policy Nov 19

Federation Governor Allowances Policy Nov 19 V2

Federation Heath and Safety Policy

Federation Social Media Policy Nov 19

Parents, Carers & Visitor Code of Conduct (1)

SEND Information report Kintore Way

Overview School Improvement Plan 2019 2020 KW and G

Accessibility Strategy KW